Store Policy


*Please read thoroughly before asking any questions. Hopefully I am able to answer any questions below!*

PIN GRADING SYSTEM - Updated as of May 4, 2019

**Please note all pins are hand made, there is no just thing as a perfect pin.** 

STANDARD GRADE: Free of major defects but *may* exhibit small imperfections of the type mentioned above. *may* feature light scratches, especially on black enamel. Standard orders may be filled as collector's grade but are not guaranteed as such. Please note that these pins are HANDMADE

B GRADE: Pin is in great condition. Noticeable small peck(s) will be featured on the pin upon close examination. May feature tiny printing errors. May also feature noticeable scratches. 

C GRADE: Minor, or major defects of the types mentioned above, or other unexpected problems. 

Any order placed as a PRE-ORDER/PRE-SALE will be guaranteed a Standard Grade. Thereafter, any pins left varying from Standard grade, Grade B, & Grade C can be sold as EXTRAS. 

Any pin with MAJOR defects that I feel take away from the quality of the pin will NOT be sold!


If purchasing a pin from a Pre-Sale you are committed in the purchase. Refunds and returns for sold pins are considered on a case-by-case basis. I try to work with you with whatever issue occurs (i.e. A pin gets damaged during shipping, lost in transit etc.). 


Shipping should already be calculated in your checkout, and I ship worldwide, except the UK. All orders are purchased through Paypal's Goods/Services, so both the buyer and seller is protected through their Buyer/Seller Protection Plan. If there are any issues due to shipping and transit, I can guide you in contacting Paypal and resolving the issue. 

International buyers are responsible for ALL IMPORT TAX FEES.


ALL PRE-SALES/PRE-ORDERS are done through this website unless otherwise stated. Pre-sale/pre-order prices are cheaper than regular retail when the pins come in stock, but the wait can vary. Based off of my previous pins, the time frame of my pins being completed is about 6 months. It may even take longer due to multiple corrections to be made or unforeseen circumstances. All updates will be posted on my support instagram page @wonderfulthingscosupport

All pins in stock have a 2-5 day processing time. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me! Thank you for your consideration!